How to use Gmail as a mail client?

You can use Gmail as the web-based email client of your choice. For doing that:

1. Go to the Gmail website and on the top right, click Settings and then See all settings.
2. In the opened page, click on Accounts and Import tab and in then Add a mail account
3. A new windows will pop up. In that window, enter the email account that you intend to use in Gmail and click Next.
4. In the next page, enter the required details based on the following:
 a. Username will be the full email address.
 b. Password is the password of the email account that you want to add.
 c. POP Server should be set to
5. You can change other options based on your needs and finally click Add Account
6. In the next page, you are asked to decide whether you want to just receive emails from the account or be able to send emails too. If you want to send emails too, click Next.
7. Then you can provide a Name for the account and click Next Step
8. In the next page, we should add the SMTP server address ( and once again, the Username (email address) and the password of the account and click Add Account.
9. If everything have been done properly, you will see that a verification email has been sent to the email account that you want to add and finally the process is done.

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